How do I get to the top of Google? Hints & Tips

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This is the question that everyone asks before choosing a web designer and not without good reason. Why would anyone bother investing money into a website if it didn’t perform well enough to compete with others, or even worse couldn’t be seen at all?

The truth is, there is no quick fix, no magic button that will push your website to the number one slot on day one. If fact the more you try to do this the more likely you are to damage your online reputation and even risk being blacklisted. Like any business whether physical or digital, you have to earn that respect from the relevant audience.

How do we do that?

The same way you would do it as a new shop on the high street… Fill your shop window with the best quality products which are relevant to the consumer and make sure everyone knows about you and what makes you different. The quality and relevance of the content on your website pays a significant contribution as to where you will sit on Google’s listings.

How long does it take?

The timescale of success varies depending on what area of business you are in and the presence that type of business already has online. 

If you ensure the content of your website is of a high quality, clutter free and coded well, you will stand a better chance against many of your competitors. Google and others rank your website according to quality, ease, and engagement among other things. Trying to bypass these important factors could do more damage to your business than if you did nothing at all.

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What will accelerate my popularity online?

Social media, digital campaigns, editorial pieces, and video media are all great ways to get you in front of the queue but it all needs to executed correctly in order for it to show positive results. Keeping people engaged online is getting more and more challenging as technology evolves and choosing the right medium is essential to achieving the desired results. Once you have selected your best matched channel to deliver your message, carefully read their rules and regulations on advertising. Reading the terms of each platform and getting to understand It’s audience is important in order to avoid alienating potential customers and potentially being black listed.

Can printed media help my online presence?

You may initially think this is a somewhat obvious answer. The fact is printed media is still very relevant in promoting online activity today and when it is used correctly can form a very powerful tool to build upon. The key is to use it differently than it has been used traditionally in order to tease your customers to click onto your website. Remember your website is your shopfront and if there is any way you can get your customer to visit, it’s worth trying. Many companies still use ‘printed media’ to launch promotions and events where customers will need to register online in order to benefit from it.

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